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  • 3 reasons to keep a male
    3 reasons to keep a male

    Regular seeds, feminized seeds, autoflowers ...make the good choice! Most of growers throw away a male when identify him ; it can be understandable from novice grower who wants to take no risk with his flower production, and also from uninformed lovers of our plant. But in facts, a male can be a great ally all along your growing experience. Let's try to see below how.

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  • Who will be the 5 winners of our Bubble giveaway?
    Who will be the 5 winners of our Bubble giveaway?
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    We will draw lots for the 5 lucky winners of several pouches from the bubbleline series. For that, we have prepared a small infallible mathematical tool for you to draw a number among the 29 registered players. You can test the reliability of this algorithm for yourself afterwards. The draw will take place at 10 p.m. and will be filmed and removed on Instagram. For those who will not be drawn, we have planned a little consolation surprise for you. See you soon, friends.

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  • Regular VS feminized
    Regular VS feminized

    Why choosing regulars

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