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  • Growing Manual (1)

    Are you thinking of planting? Do you have any problem with your plants? Or just want to know more about growing marijuana. Here you will find information about methods, processes and tips that will help you grow strong, healthy and productive plants.

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  • Genetics and Strains (10)

    Whether you just immerse yourself in the world of cannabis, as if you're already an expert, you may be interested to know more about the most popular, strange or powerful strains of marijuana. Furthermore, knowing the lineage and origin of genetics, will help you choosing the ideal marijuana for every occasion and move through the maze of names and types of cannabis.

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  • Community (4)

    Here you can find all blog posts from our Regular Seed's community.

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  • 10 Requisites
    10 Requisites (10)

    High Quality seeds because we only produce following these 10 requisites :

    1. Elite clone parents
    2. F1 descendants
    3. Natural polination
    4. Perfect growing environment
    5. Using...
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  • 420 babes
    420 babes (3)

    Little sexy gallery with our pretty friends, partners and groopies !

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  • Dealers (3)

    Here is the list of all our distributors.

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  • Heartstrokes
    Heartstrokes (1)

    You can find in this section some of the dankest shops on the web.

    For your pleasure only !! 

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