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If your after special, one of a kind genetics that may never be repeated, but could deliver exciting new phenos then our Limited Edition range is where you want to be.

As we continually develop new strains, we regularly have new crosses you'll never see again. It's an exciting opportunity to hunt phenotypes amongst genetics that very few people on the planet will have access to. You may even discover a pheno that will end up being a prize winning champion of ours, as has already happened to some of our passionate members.

As a bonus, anybody who joins our membership before purchasing will enjoy a large 25% discount on checkout, so you can enjoy the best genetics at an even better price here at REGULAR SEED'S French Legacy.

Limited Edition regular cannabis seeds - REGULAR SEED'S

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Orange Fizz

Price €60.00

Orange Diesel bx1 x Original Agent Lemon

% Indica 10%
% Sativa 90%
Harvest time 9 weeks
Yield 500 g/sqm
THC level High