Cacao Kush - Regular Cannabis Seeds - Legacy Line
  • Cacao Kush - Regular Cannabis Seeds - Legacy Line
  • Cacao Kush - Regular Cannabis Seeds - Legacy Line
  • Cacao Kush - Regular Cannabis Seeds - Legacy Line

Cacao Kush

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Bubba Kush x Purple chocolate CBD



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A crossing session with OG Kush and Pineapple Kush produced an unique genotype amongst others, with a very high CBD level and strong chocolate smell. This purple weed revealed to be a fantastic pill to sleep preparation. This strain relaxes muscles and body with CBD/THC ratio >1, and taste is particulary different of other weed, like a Chocolate cigare. Those medical virtues were combined with well known Bubba Kush ones of our Indica male in order to offer a pure medicinal strain for people suffering from insomnia or sleep troubles.

Essentialy Indica, this is a very vigourous plant, short and bushy, with large dark green leaves and long compact buds, which will be often purple whatever temperature. Strong chocolate smell, with coffee variations according phenos, Cacao Kush flourish at 20°C and doesn't need many fertilizers, drinks a lot but eats a little. After a short growing time due to her spectacular rooting abilities, you can get a great yield with few efforts, perfect for novices. With good ventilation, 500g/sqm is a standard for Missis.

With this Kush, everyone on Earth can sleep as a new born kid !


Data sheet

Fast flowering
Fast flowering
Bubba Kush
Purple chocolate CBD
% Indica
% Sativa
Harvest time
7 - 8 weeks
500 g/sqm
Taste / Odor
Chocolate, Cacao, Coffee
Helps against insomnia, Sleep troubles, muscular relaxation
THC level
CBD Level
Very High
Medicinal virtues
Mostly Indica

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