Sour Power Plant - Semi di cannabis regolari - Legacy Line
  • Sour Power Plant - Semi di cannabis regolari - Legacy Line
  • Sour Power Plant - Semi di cannabis regolari - Legacy Line

Sour Power Plant

55,00 €
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Original Agent Lemon x Power Plant 



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When Power Plant meets Agent Lemon...

An explosion of flavors, for all Sativa lovers who like lemon. We'll no longer introduce Agent Lemon, its extreme smell can be recognized between thousands. Marrying with our sour agrumes Power Plant male generated the pure delight we hoped; she's so fresh! Lemon main flavor is gorgeous in this version by multitude of agrumes fragrances, orange, mandarine, and at times you will find particular sour grapefruit pheno, which is also sensational. Effect is very Sativa, and can be perfect when you need something energizing, motivating as well as escape-minding. 

Great yields once again, can tolerate high temperatures if you don't abuse of course and lows ones, due to the different patrimonies of ancesters, very long dense colas when cleaned well after apex. Outdour as Indoor, Sour Power Plant will be a precious ally to get marvelous harvest of high quality weed.

This Power Plant's evolution will make you feel in summer everyday!


Scheda tecnica

Original Agent Lemon
% Indica
% Sativa
Tempo di raccolta
8 - 9 settimane
500 g/sqm
Sapore / odore
Livello di THC
Molto alto
Principalmente Sativa

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