Bubba Haze - Semi di cannabis regolari - Legacy Line
  • Bubba Haze - Semi di cannabis regolari - Legacy Line
  • Bubba Haze - Semi di cannabis regolari - Legacy Line

Bubba Haze

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Jack HererCannalope Haze x Bubba Kush



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A three way hybryd which was only thought to create the most relaxing strain possible.

Bubba Haze is a real stresskiller, perfect for chiiling at home or escaping from anxiety. The high THC level requires precaution when smoking, even if effect is progressive, a long wellness feeling as in your head as in your body. All conoisseurs who know parents can understand! Motivating and cerebral virtues from the hazy legacies are here followed by this long body relaxation Bubba Kush is the keeper.

Yield is above average, the plant grows not like a giant Haze, but bushy with hard little balls all along the branches, full of white resin. Germination is very fast, nevertheless this Beauty will need some know how to get the quintessence of her potential. Strong coffee taste under old fashioned spicy afghanica flavors, jasmin and some melon touch ,Bubba Haze is a true medicinal use plant.


Scheda tecnica

Fioritura rapida
Fiotitura veloce
Bubba Kush
Jack Herer x Cannalope Haze
% Indica
% Sativa
Tempo di raccolta
8 settimane
550 g/sqm
Sapore / odore
Melon, Coffee, Jasmin,
Livello di THC
Molto alto
Virtù medicinali
Principalmente Indica

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