French Bubblegum - Semi di cannabis regolari - Bubble Line
  • French Bubblegum - Semi di cannabis regolari - Bubble Line
  • French Bubblegum - Semi di cannabis regolari - Bubble Line

French Bubblegum

55,00 €
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Bubblegum x B.C Grapefruit



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Our BC Grapefruit pheno brings subtil fresh tones to the BubbleGum project. Sometimes grape, others grapefruit or grenadine, you can also find tipically wine pheno...there's really something french, with her!

One more time, expect a hard yield from this one. SCROG is perfect to increase yield, and she's one of the easiest plants to grow. Buds are very dense on a little christmas tree, even beginners can reach a high harvest in 7/8 weeks. She doesn't need long growing time, due to her rooting ability from a short indica heritage. Fastest genos are ready in only 45 days, this is a strain you'll prefer cut early, keeping this fresh smell of summer in your weed.

French Bubblegum can be the daily smoke for all who like sweet smoke, in a spirit of relaxation and wellness; only good vibes with her, carefreedom and happy mood. Tell you a secret....Ladies love her!


Scheda tecnica

Fioritura rapida
Fiotitura veloce
Bubble Gum
BC Grapefruit
% Indica
% Sativa
Tempo di raccolta
7 - 8 settimane
500 g/sqm
Sapore / odore
Livello di THC
Principalmente Indica

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